Gambling Education Brochure

Before you place another bet, learn more about what's fact about gambling - and what's myth.

Gambling Spending Card

This handy card fits in your pocket and can help you figure out how much you'll spend gambling.

Help Will Find You

Gambling is a treatable addiction. Many forms of help are available by calling 1-800-BETS-OFF. Our staff will listen, offer information, and discuss treatment options.

This is The First Step To Change

If any of these statements sound like you or someone you know, get help. Call 1-800-BETS OFF

Q & A

The Iowa Gambling Treatment Program Question and Answer Guide


Tips on Understanding Problem Gambling

Internet Gambling

While playing apps may seem harmless, there is often some type of risk involved.

Sports Betting

When sports betting begins to take on an added importance in a person's life, problems can occur.